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(Note, I am not being paid for this endorsement, that would be amazing though haha!)

So SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is something that all parents probably freak out about until their kids are at least six months old. Even after that age you may be stuck in a routine of checking your monitor or going into your child’s room (if they are in their own room) to constantly make sure that they are still breathing.

As expecting parents we did a lot of research and reading on what to expect, books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. These books give you a lot of information on what to expect once your little bundle of joy is home with you and one very important topic that is stressed in both books is SIDS. These books tell you not to keep extra blankets in the crib, not to use crib bumpers or ANYTHING in the crib at all, because as the cause of SIDS is still unknown, studies have shown that anything else in the crib (such as stuffed animals) increase the risk of SIDS in children under six months old.

Purchasing Some Peace of Mind

We were fortunate to have Thomas at a time where some new technologies were available that can monitor your child’s motions. We chose to get our baby monitor with one that also included a motion monitor. What this includes is a mat that goes under the mattress of the crib and plugs into the monitor. The motion monitor will detect the motion and breathing of your child, we know that this monitor works because if Thomas happens to roll off of the middle of his crib or we happen to place him too high or too low and he wiggles enough, the monitor will alarm that it has not detected him. We have also forgotten to turn off the monitor when we have picked him up from his crib and it began to alarm. Knowing that the motion pad worked so well provided us with a lot of peace of mind during the early stages of Thomas’ crib sleeping.

While writing this post and asking my wife about this monitor, she said “Having that monitor was the only way that I could sleep at night.”

This is the Angelcare 1100, a video and motion monitor system combined. They do sell motion sensors alone but then you will need multiple parent unit monitors to carry around with you. (One video/audio monitor and one motion monitor.)

The video monitor is touch screen (which isn’t necessary, but I suppose decreases the amount of buttons that need to be on the unit). Three AAA batteries (rechargeable) go into it and they last for quite a while and the nice thing is that when they stop holding a great charge, you can just pop in new ones. Our first set of rechargeable batteries (the ones provided) lasted about 4 months. The main unit (camera and motion pad plug in) can also run on batteries but they won’t last as long, they lasted perhaps 3-4 on our first usage of it not on “wall-power”. The handheld unit will last for quite a while, probably 8 hours or so on battery power.

Now, I have some friends that have children a little bit older than Thomas and I don’t believe that they have one of these motion monitors. At least the last time we visited them they did not. They were telling us that we will check the monitor CONSTANTLY, we will listen for our son’s breathing, we may creep into his room to make sure he is still alive. I am sure that these behaviors are very natural for MANY MANY parents, but whether it was this monitor, or just our style… I know that this monitor provided some much needed sleep for us early on in Thomas’ life. We were able to sleep easily because we knew it worked and we felt comfortable with him in the room next to ours, knowing that the alarm would go off if anything bad happened.

I highly recommend this monitor to anyone having a first child or if you already have children, and love your monitor, get something like the motion sensor mat, test it out to see how it works so you are comfortable with it and then sleep a little bit easier at night… I know we did.

Cost: $269 for the video monitor system

Motion mats cost around $60.

I will try to put up a video of what the alarm is like tomorrow once Thomas is awake :)

EDIT: With video :)

  20 Responses to “(Updated with video) How We Didn’t Lose As Much Sleep When Thomas Was Younger… (AKA Peace of Mind/SIDS)”

  1. Amazing article. Very typical of parenting scares

  2. Thanks for liking my post “A Mother’s Fears” on “Life – It’s a Work in Progress”, if for no other reason than it brought me here to your blog. I must say, I’d have loved to have one of these monitors when my twins were born. That was me, up and checking every five minutes to make sure they were okay and still breathing. I’m not sure I got more than two or three hours of sleep a night until they were at least six months old, if not older!

    I used to think it was the “new parent” mentality, but I did the same thing with my other three children. Maybe it’s just a “parenting fear”. You get this precious little gift and your whole being cries out for you to take care of it, shelter it, protect it from the dangers of the world… how can you do that when you’re sleeping? lol

    Love your blog, love the post, and I look forward to reading more from you!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Love your updates!! :)

  4. Like your blog! I love seeing a dad so involved with his kid(s), such a good role model!

  5. I wish I had that when my Lil Mermaid was a baby. I never slept and always found myself staring at her through the slats on the crib. With my second, it was a bit easier and we had a monitor, but nothing like the one you described here.

    • If you ever have another I recommend something like this (or to check out the newest ones, perhaps there will be even better!).

  6. Any amount of money is worth peace of mind. I can’t tell you how many times I got up in the night to make sure my babies were still breathing. Even now, in their tweens, I still feel compelled to go watch them breath in their sleep every once in a while.

    • This really was the case… The monitor was maybe $50 more expensive than others but had all of the features that they had, but also included the motion monitor. The fact that we were able to sleep a little bit better, get a few hours more sleep here and there without worry was well worth that extra expense.

  7. Your son gets cuter every time I read a blog, what’s with that? lol
    I digress…I don’t know how into attachment parenting you and your wife are, Mayim Bialik has an excellent book about it!
    I’m reading it now, if you have time, it’s a good read.

    • I’ve seen some reviews of it but haven’t looked into the book much myself (yet). Thanks… I’ll give it a gander.

  8. I love that you are tracking these early years of life. They will be so special to look back on in the future.

  9. 339 dollars for a good and peaceful nights sleep. And not one night, but many. Sounds like a bargain to me!

    • is it $339 somewhere? yikes. I’ve seen the full unit (video monitor that includes motion mat for $269) or just the motion mat for about $60

  10. Thanks So Much For Sharing This!!! As a New Mom to be I Found This Information So Helpful!!!

  11. We have registered for the unit with two sound monitors on the recommendation of a friend of ours who has four of her own, and also happens to be an RN specializing in high-risk pregnancies. I couldn’t imagine something like this when I was a kid, but things were different then. I know I couldn’t handle the unit with a video monitor; I still wouldn’t sleep, staying up just to watch the monitor and make sure I could see him breathe! Of course, it’s handy that our nursery is connected to our bedroom by a 6′ opening, so we can get to him anytime. Peace of mind. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. I am not a mother yet, but SIDS has always scared me! I will totally buy this when I have kids.

    Ps. Your son is SO cute!

    • SIDS is scary! This monitor really is worry the extra cost for the peace of mind :) Thanks for the comment Stephanie

  13. i was a cosleeper with all three kids so they were always next to me..if i had them in another room i dont think i could’ve survived let alone slept well

    • Marzana,

      Everyone has their own method. Our son co-slept with us for the first month or so, perhaps six weeks. If we didn’t have a monitor like this one (such as purely a video monitor) we potentially would still be co-sleeping with our son. There is definitely nothing wrong with that but he took to his crib so well that we went with it and this has allowed us to get better sleep as well.

      Thanks for the reply!

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