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I think Thomas is at this in-between stage where he isn’t crawling or walking yet, but playing up a storm with everything. This is great for me because he will occupy himself for an hour or so with his toys and I just encourage him to reach farther and get his legs under him. I lay behind him in case he falls back so he doesn’t smack his head on the floor.

Did I mention that throwing himself backwards is one of his favorite new games? He does this a lot… make him giggle and he will squeal and throw himself backward. Brush the top of his head and and he will arch his back and throw his hands back and his body will follow. So far he has only smacked his head on the carpet once or twice badly, that is why we sit behind him now or put the boppy behind him.

We want him to learn to play with his things by himself but also to enjoy playing with us. So far we have been successful at both. Of course he is only seven months old and his activities change weekly.

Oh back to the subject.. duh.. so we usually go out once per day and enjoy the sights, new parks, new places but it has been raining here (non-stop for two days). I don’t know what to do with Thomas since it is raining. He isn’t at the stage where I could take him outside and he could understand rain, or we could play in puddles, or he could really experience the difference between a rainy day and not a rainy day.

Yesterday we didn’t go out at all, instead just playing the afternoon away. Today we took a drive and he fell asleep in the truck for an hour and then I went to the store to pick up something for tomorrow’s dinner.

My wife recommended going to the mall and walking around, it is something big enough with a lot of different places and things to see but it just feels so different than what we normally do… I want to be outdoors with him… even in the rain…

Is there anything we can do? Anyone have any suggestions? Please leave them in the comments! It is supposed to rain through Monday, so four more days!

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  1. On rainy days I used to take my children to the bookstore…many Barnes & Nobles have story time which is a nice way to pass some time!

  2. How about the library for story time!!

  3. Thanks for liking my posts over at my little food blog!
    As for staying home with your son, hats off to you, and I wish you good luck!
    Not sure if you are up to it, but I always dressed up my kids (when they were little, they are all grown now) and went out into the rain anyways. We had a lot of fun – so much to see! The outdoors is quite different when rain is coming down!
    Also, I used to take them grocery shopping, even when I didn’t really have to buy much, but it kept them occupied and they loved it.
    But, staying at home can also be a blast. A discovery tour through the house can be so much fun especially if you have “treats” along the way, and they don’t have to be edible at all. My kids actually were happy with just shoe boxes, and other easily available, low cost “toys.” They would endlessly take stuff out of a box and put it back inside, lol.

    Anyways, have fun and enjoy!

    • Thanks for the reply Angela! Some good ideas there. I’m not sure Thomas is yet ready for dress up yet, but I’ll keep that in mind! (We’ll have to expand his wardrobe for it, or pull out mommy & daddy’s clothes!)

  4. Thanks for coming over and “Liking” my post. Appreciate it!
    Some of my favorite things when it’s raining is the mall if they have a little play area. Toy store always works too… Library, meeting up with a friend?
    We have sunshine and it’s in the 70’s here in Maryland! Spring is here!!

    • Thanks for the reply Lina! I’ve been enjoying the outdoors so much because it felt like spring here I didn’t know what to do with myself during the rain! I think it may be to the mall I go!

  5. What a great photo of a very cute baby!

  6. Hi

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have to tell you that I looked at a couple of your blogs. I love the fact that you are a very involved father. Its always AMAZING to see fathers be the best they can be.

    God Bless,


  7. When it’s raining a lot (Like it has been this week!) I go out on walks with my 14 months old son. I got a rain shield at WalMart for really cheap and Aaden can still see his surroundings because the shield is transparent. So it’s fun for him just as it is refreshing for me! When I don’t want to go walk under the rain, I do go to the mall.There’s one where I’m moving close to that has an indoor playground for kids and Aaden loves it! Although Thomas might be a bit young for that (If one is available close to you) He would still enjoy seeing the kids run around and climb, slide, swing… Aaden did before he could crawl!

  8. Pitch a tent outside? AT loved the sound of the rain when he was younger. Take some toys out and play in the tent, it’s ‘outdoors’ without being outdoors. It’s also a different environment for your both, you could even have a mini picnic in the tent.

  9. I was thinking the same thing – library for story time or maybe a book store where you can read him some books.

  10. I love all of their ideas, my grands are stuck in with me too….same rain an hour east…..
    We have had fort day, reading under with flashlights, camp out by the fireplace making s’mores and jammy movie day……..I love Valerie’s idea about the rain shield! With my three I’m overwhelmed with strolling, but on days I have just two I do something he will LOVE next spring, so try and remember the worm hunt!
    We go looking in the gutters, we save as many as we can discuss length, color, etc….
    Then we put them in the grass nearby. If they have died, another object lesson, then I explain then they will good food for the plants, like the dirt has food in it for the worms.
    We have also adapted the famous “going on a bear hunt” …..I love literally singing in the rain with them. So now you see I am not all safety mania…….I have the grands MWF
    To keep me light-hearted. It is Tues and Thurs I go crazy trying to market, research, etc!
    Neat post! He is totally adorable, my kids were ” fingers” too……you will be very agile at catching!

  11. Thank you for your “like” notification on my post.
    …your son is wonderful!!!
    Take him in a Museum for children, even if he’s still young, he could start watching interesting things!! :-)

    • Good idea Laura.
      My wife bought a membership while she was home with him, I’ll have to see if that membership included me as well!

  12. I raised my kids in Seattle, so if I had waited for a sunny day to go outside, we never would’ve done anything. So my advice is: Life as usual. Carry on.

  13. Nothing’s quite the same as being outside isn’t it? But when it rains I bring Sophia to one of the indoor playgrounds – many malls here have one of these, or the library. Bookstores are a bit harder because she’s not very gentle with the books and while I won’t feel TOO guilty about a fold in a well used book from the library, I would feel really bad about doing the slightest damage to the crisp new books in the bookstore.

    Sophia had the same rainforest jumperoo in this picture too! She loved it until she worked out that we feel safe about leaving her alone in it. Thereafter she refused to go in.

    Thomas is beyond cute!

    • Thanks Elaine for the reply!
      I’ve shared your thoughts when thinking about the bookstore and the amount of damage Thomas could do to a book just by putting it in his mouth (he puts everything in his mouth).

      I’ll have to see how busy the library is on a rainy day. We use the jumper when we are cooking so Thomas can still be near us and we can keep an eye on him and still be within 5 or 6 feet of him, seems to be a win-win for everyone right now :)

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am curious as to how you found it. Yours looks really interesting; I am going to read some some more posts :-)

    • I found it on the main page under the “read blogs/ food section” :) I love looking at all of the food! Gives me great ideas for dinners and snacks, keeps me diverse in my food offerings and gets me to try new things.

  15. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! :)

    Thomas is a real sweetie. Tough to know what to do to keep things interesting in the rain, isn’t it? Some great ideas above. Since the outdoor thing is a bit of a challenge at this stage, the indoor play gym is a great idea, if you have a good one nearby – even for him to watch the other kids – and also the idea of shoeboxes filled with interesting mouth-friendly stuff for him to explore. And just think… this time next year he’ll likely be wearing rainboots!

    • Christine,

      Thanks for commenting! Yes I can imagine that next year we will be able to play in puddles, be in rainboots etc! That does sound like fun!

  16. What a sweet and beautiful blog you have. It is so wonderful to see such a loving father. I know that there are lots and lots and lots of you out there but the world doesn’t often to get to hear from you guys!
    The thing I remember most from my kids being around 6 months old was the backpack and massages. I would strap my babies into their backpack and go on an adventure even in the rain (our backpack had a cover for my kiddos). Otherwise a nice long soaky bath followed by a baby massage with lavender massage oil was always fun and relaxing for us. Good luck!

    • Thanks Angela, I’m currently looking into purchasing a frame carrier type baby backpack (used), but they are still quite expensive. They are around $300 new!

  17. Do you have any gymboree’s near your place you could try out? Socialization is important at any age just like taking him outside :) plus i know the one near where i live is built like a green house, 90% windows, to give the illusion that your not really trapped by the rain ;) haha.

    also for another activity, try a toddlers studio. We have one here in canada called 4cats (although thomas may be a little young) they teach kids how to paint and love what they accomplish. Also they do allot of interesting art history things that take part in the community. Kids seem to love it.

    • Aymee, we have a gymboree a few miles away and a place called Giggles. I haven’t taken Thomas to either of them yet because he isn’t crawling or walking around yet. Having said that though, I know that he would enjoy watching all of the other kids even if he can’t join in yet.

      Thanks for replying!

  18. If you want to be outdoors in the rain with Thomas, get one of those inordinately large two-person umbrellas, bundle him up warmly, and have at it!

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