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A week ago today was my last official day of employment. Yes, I had been at home with Thomas for four months, but I had been out on leave. First I was out on paternity/bonding leave, then I asked for a personal leave. Those leaves have finally been exhausted and I am no longer employed. This means some of the benefits I was receiving for being employed I no longer get… not the biggest loss there, although there were a few nice perks.

What I Miss Most

I worked for my employer for just over 13 years. I went through a few promotions and I was working on another, whether or not I would get one I’m not sure but I was working hard toward it. I felt like I was a very valuable piece of the company and that surely things would be worse off if I left. Before I left, I had asked for my personal leave to be extended to six months (the maximum allowed), this was ‘just-in-case’ our situation changed for whatever reason. I wanted to have a fall-back plan just in case… My request for six months of leave was denied, I was given one month of leave while they figured out to whom and how to request the full six months, but that never went through.

Before I left, I also asked if they could keep me on, but as part-time. Now, I wasn’t really expecting them to say yes to this… no one else in the department with my job works part-time and I don’t think they wanted to set a precedent for future people. I guess I thought they would entertain the idea though, as someone else was going out on leave for the birth of their child and perhaps they would need me to stick around for a little bit longer to help with the workload.

So I felt as though I had value and that the value I had would provide me some leeway. I guess I felt somewhat unreplaceable? (Not really, but I felt I did an excellent job and that they would want to keep me around). I wasn’t trying to strong-arm the company to meet ridiculous demands by any means. I felt that going from a staff of three, to a staff of one (temporarily while the other person was out for bonding), that perhaps they would want to keep me on, part-time, to help. Well I guess they showed me? I feel humbled now and riddled with questions about the quality of employee and worker that I really was… Perhaps it did not matter whether I was good or bad, perhaps a policy is a policy.

I worked really hard the last few years to get where I was and had forged some wonderful friendships. The department I worked in was putting some good effort forward to invoke some major changes and while it wasn’t all good for everyone, there were a LOT of benefits. I was learning a ton and I miss that.

Moral of the Story?

You are replaceable, or in my case they may not even replace you, they may just go on without that job altogether. Sure things may be in a slight decline for a while until others can pick up the slack. Be thankful for your job, do your best for it, work hard at it, put forth critical thought, effort, be nice, creative, communicate, and have fun while you are at work.

Even though you may do a lot of the work today, the company could go on without you tomorrow.

Good-bye to all of my work friends… many of you still hear from me daily on Facebook and see pictures of my life and know that I am moving on to greater things. My thirst for technology and learning will never be quenched, I still read to stay current. The last 13 years have made me the amazing father that Thomas thinks I am.

  16 Responses to “I’m No Longer Employed… Doing My Part for the Economy?”

  1. I have been a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom for the lives of my children, which in contemporary society means that I make no contribution to the economy, or society for that matter. But you know what? I think I’ve made a contribution to the lives of four individuals.

    You are right — no company cares about you, no matter how many “family” terms they use. The only people to whom you are truly indispensable are the ones in your circle of care, responsibility, and love. Thomas isn’t looking around for a replacement.

  2. It’s a blessing in disguise. The upside is more time with your son. I wish we could afford to live on one income. I would LOVE to be a stay at home Mom until my son is a little bit older. As far as work, everyone is replaceable. You are right, work will suffer temporarily but most companies find that acceptable.

  3. Your new job is simply adorable!

  4. When one door closes another door opens. Plan for your next path to taking over the world and enjoy your son who looks soooo adorable in that picture. Blessings

  5. Thomas will always think that you are that amazing father! Melinda is right, your new job IS adorable!

  6. What a great blog, and thanks for visiting mine. I can already see myself spending hours trying to get all of your stories. Why did you decide to be at home in the first place? Anyway, the life of working parents can be tough, I changed jobs after my first child. Call it paranoia, but hardly anyone at my new workplace know I have a child. I just find that sometimes when I talk about my baby, people think I would rather not be at work and after a bitter experience at my old job, I just came into the new role not wanting to be labelled or “discriminated” in any way, shape or form. Kinda sad, but c’est la vie.

  7. I echo Freede (previous comment)…you have a great blog and thanks for visiting mine, too! I’m looking forward to reading more about your dadblog (is that the proper term?)!

  8. He is a beautiful child. In the end, you will both be richer for you staying home with him. I retired to stay home with the last ones left in the nest. I would not trade it for the world.

  9. You have a much more important job in my opinion – raising that beautiful baby boy of yours!! I think it is so incredible to be in the position to raise your child yourself rather than having to put your child in daycare where someone else will get ot raise him.

  10. Just stopping by from UBP. I am the other half on our family blog http://www.garagesalesrus.blogspot.com/ and thought I would just connect with all of the Daddy bloggers out there. It’s great to read from a guy’s perspective. We will be following! Check us out when you get a chance. Click on the tab This is a Man’s World!

  11. At my last position turn as an employee I was the sole person in charge of doing the majority of the work. And still my boss treated me like I was fresh off the bus and she had to teach me what to do. When she laid me off she didn’t even have the jewels to do it really, she kept telling me she didn’t have work and not to come in, until two weeks had passed and I was like..I’m coming in tomorrow, and forced the issue. Which is why I’m a work for myself person now.

  12. Dave- those of us at work will miss you but I know that you are on to bigger and better things. Thomas is lucky to spend this time with you and you with him. In the end, it is not how much time you spent at work but you and Thomas will remember this time together.
    You are still doing your part for society in raising a man who will appreciate what being a father is about.

  13. Several decades ago my boss told me “We are all replaceable.” Little did he or I know that both of us would be replaced the same day.

  14. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! Check it out at http://momknowsbetter.wordpress.com Happy Thursday!

  15. You and Thomas will make it!

    Many years ago I thought I was irreplaceable. Nope. It was real easy to replace me with a new college graduate who wanted just half the salary I was making. That’s when I finally made the decision to go into business 100% for myself; no more moonlighting, part-time supplemental work, etc. Never regretted that day, and many years later when I saw my former boss, I thanked him.

  16. I always believe that everything happens for a reason…All the best in this new chapter of your life!!!

    Thanks too for stopping by our blog and liking our post.

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