Aug 032012

Thomas has been eating “solids” since he was five months old. Even on that very first day I think we gave him rice cereal. Well next week Thomas turns one year old and up until yesterday he has been mostly happy plugging along eating rice cereal (or oatmeal) two or three times a day.

Wow… for over six months he has had rice cereal AT LEAST twice a day. Well no wonder then that he no longer wants oatmeal/rice cereal.

What does he want? Well he wants what Mommy and Daddy are eating of course… Boy that sure makes lunch time more difficult for me and has also made me realize that I eat unbalanced meals on a regular basis. I don’t eat poorly, but I don’t eat grains, vegetables and fruit at every meal.

As we cook at home every day, I often have leftovers for lunch and this means that Thomas is now sharing my leftovers with me, supplemented with some infant/toddler fruit & veggie food pouches to ensure that he is getting proper nutrition.

We have been fortunate, I suppose… that Thomas has been willing to eat the same thing, day after day for so many months without complaint. What we are hoping is that Thomas doesn’t become the picky toddler that only eats chicken nuggets and mac n’ cheese.

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  1. Even if he does become a picky toddler, it won’t last forever! My brother went through a phase where all he ate was hot dogs and orange juice. The pediatrician told my mom not to make a big deal of it, and he’d get bored. Sure enough, he did, and as an adult he eats food from all over the world.

    And I don’t worry about balanced meals for me or for Baguette–as long as we each have a balanced day, I figure we’re doing just fine.

  2. As a culinary arts teacher for middle school kids and I also teach cooking camp during the summer I have found that although I am teaching the kids proper and balance nutrition, it is the parents who need the education. My campers come to camp with the worse lunches I have ever seen. Snack packs of every known sugar laden, artery clogging foods known to man. It is not the child who should decide what they will eat it is the parents. If you never give your child nuggets or mac and cheese they won’t even know what they are to make a habit out of eating them. If you are going to feed him those type of foods my hope is that you or your wife are making them yourself and leave McDonalds and Tyson where they belong. In the garbage. Hot dogs are the worse type of food you could give a child too. If your child becomes addicted to a food let it be one that “mom” made from scratch. You can take any fast food item and recreate it to make it healthier. Food only becomes a struggle if you allow it to. Like every thing. Like you said, if you eat better he will eat better.

  3. There’s nothing like a kid sharing your food with you to make you realize how poorly you eat, eh? If you keep cooking and eating healthy, tasty foods, Thomas will follow your example. Not to say that he won’t be picky about any number of different things over the course of his childhood, but for the most part, if you don’t feed him only the things he’ll eat and you keep offering the things he doesn’t like to eat, he’ll turn out to be a well-rounded eater. Good luck!

  4. I’m baffled. How is this a struggle? How was it easier to fix a separate food for him than to just give him some of what you were already preparing (or heating up, or taking out of the package)? Why did you start him out eating nothing but cereal? These are serious questions–I can’t figure out what you’re thinking.

    It sounds like now is the time to improve your own nutrition by way of making balanced meals for Thomas. Rather than buy special baby foods, if your food is too chewy for his teeth you can make it into baby food with this handy gadget. That way you’ll get your veggies, too. You guys can set a good example for each other. :-)

    • Becca’s comment seems like more of a promotion for her product than a serious comment. That’s weak. Tommy boy was started out eating cereal because he was an infant. Have you ever had children? They start out eating nothing but breastmilk or formula. Then they move on to rice cereal. Then they move on to other baby foods. Then they move on to solids.

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