Aug 062012

So about a month ago we took Thomas to visit family in Wisconsin. He got to visit his Aunt, Uncle and cousins.

We had a wonderful time over the fourth of July but this was also our first time flying with Thomas and he did exceptional!

Yes he may have fussed for a minute or two every now and then during the four hour flight but what he did not do was scream the entire time (which we are very thankful for).

There must be something about just entering an airplane with a young child that causes some people to give you cold shoulders and dirty looks as we received many. Thomas was an amazing child the entire flight and was not deserving of any “ugh I can’t believe I have to fly with a baby” looks.

To help during take-off and landing he was either nursed or given a bottle of water or milk so that he would swallow and help pop his ears/equalize pressure.

We did “lap” him and he wandered between mommy and daddy the entire time. There were some difficulties when drinks or food was served as Thomas wanted them badly.

I will write more about going through security, waiting at the gate etc in my next post.


  3 Responses to “Thomas’ First Airplane Ride”

  1. Oh how i remeber those glaring stares taking my son on the plane as a baby! People assume the baby is going scream the whole way. i found it so annoying i told one lady dont worry the first wimper while we are in the sky out he goes! lol

  2. We have traveled on airplanes with out young children and they have enjoyed it. A lot of times they did just fall asleep, but even when they didn’t it was always an adventure. I took one of my kids to Minnesota in May and he had a real fun time with everything from the seat pocket card to the window shade. Life is an adventure!

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