Jan 282013
Parks, Dogs, Rant

I haven’t posted in a long while, nearly half a year. I’ve been busy with Thomas, his growth, development and needs have been amazing! He is walking everywhere, climbing, running, asking what everything is (in his own way) and generally exploring the world as he should be. So please excuse the long absence. I was spurred to post today because I took Tommy to the park, along with our german shepherd dog (which I never do). We’ve had quite a lot of cold and wet weather lately and the last few days have finally been warm and dry so a nice […]

Aug 062012
Thomas' First Airplane Ride

So about a month ago we took Thomas to visit family in Wisconsin. He got to visit his Aunt, Uncle and cousins. We had a wonderful time over the fourth of July but this was also our first time flying with Thomas and he did exceptional! Yes he may have fussed for a minute or two every now and then during the four hour flight but what he did not do was scream the entire time (which we are very thankful for). There must be something about just entering an airplane with a young child that causes some people to […]

Aug 032012
The Food Struggle Has Begun

Thomas has been eating “solids” since he was five months old. Even on that very first day I think we gave him rice cereal. Well next week Thomas turns one year old and up until yesterday he has been mostly happy plugging along eating rice cereal (or oatmeal) two or three times a day. Wow… for over six months he has had rice cereal AT LEAST twice a day. Well no wonder then that he no longer wants oatmeal/rice cereal. What does he want? Well he wants what Mommy and Daddy are eating of course… Boy that sure makes lunch […]

Aug 022012
Just Can't Wait to Wake Up

Well apparently Thomas can’t wait to wake up and see everyone in the morning anymore because this morning he toppled out of his crib! He was not injured, don’t be alarmed. I heard a few light cries and checked his video monitor to see an empty crib!! I went into his room and he was just sitting on the floor looking at me calmly. He crib has now been lowered to its lowest setting (we had previously lowered it to the lowest setting without flipping the mounting bars upside-down but this time it really will not go lower… Hopefully this […]

Apr 022012
I'm No Longer Employed... Doing My Part for the Economy?

A week ago today was my last official day of employment. Yes, I had been at home with Thomas for four months, but I had been out on leave. First I was out on paternity/bonding leave, then I asked for a personal leave. Those leaves have finally been exhausted and I am no longer employed. This means some of the benefits I was receiving for being employed I no longer get… not the biggest loss there, although there were a few nice perks. What I Miss Most I worked for my employer for just over 13 years. I went through […]

Mar 262012
I'd Make a Horrible 1950's Housewife

So last week, on Wednesday I believe, I did my first housework while staying home with Thomas. Nearly FOUR MONTHS of being home with Thomas and I finally did some housework during the day while my spouse was at work and I was caring for Thomas! No, dinner isn’t ready and on the table when my wife gets home, in fact my wife ends up making dinner more often than I do. I am not waiting at the door to take her jacket and hand her a drink, the newspaper and a cigar. When my wife gets home I am […]

Mar 212012
How Different Are Mom's vs. Dad's Caring Methods?

I think about this a lot as I am home with Thomas. How different is the care, nurturing and raising that happens? I know there are differences… for example I know that my wife is more nurturing than I am. Note to my wife: You are amazing, this isn’t criticism, please don’t take it that way If Thomas starts crying, my wife is quick to render hugs, kisses and nurturing. When this happens and it is just Thomas and I, I don’t rush to pick him up and I don’t immediately plant hugs/kisses on him. I watch for his reactions; […]

Mar 192012
"It Will Get Better" - Devon Corneal Puts Some Positivity In Your Parenting Future

I don’t typically read the Huffington Post, but lately there have been some great blogs in there that have come at the right time. First the “Apologies to the Parents I Judged Four Years Ago” and now the “It Will Get Better”. First… every parent will judge pretty much every other parent, I think this is a fact of life and just part of how we compare and contrast one parenting method to another. What works for one child may not work for another so judging isn’t always fair because we probably see less than 1% of the daily life […]

Mar 192012
Children Under Two Shouldn't Watch Any Television...

As watching television means they are not playing with a parent or engaging with or developing motor skills through playing with toys. This was released way back in 1999, but re-released by the American Academy of Pediatrics in October, 2011. I’m getting this information from this New York Times article. This topic is a sore spot for many parents because television is such a great distraction for a few vital minutes while mommy/daddy need to accomplish something without distraction. The reason I mention this is because I have noticed that there have been different times where Thomas has gone through […]

Mar 182012
Do You Play Games to Get Things Done With Your Kids? IE Chores/Cleaning?

So we play a game after every meal time so we can clean off Thomas’ face and then clean his gums/teeth. Our hope is that by doing this now we can instill more of these games, such as cleaning up toys or getting dressed etc. Who knows though, this just may be a stage where he does what we want and as a toddler he does nothing… I’m sure that if we keep this up he will be more likely to allow us to do these things… I was curious though if more parents do things like this to get […]


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