Mar 162012
Thomas Cries at One of His Toys

Since Thomas has been able to situp on his own he has been spending hours each day playing with his toys. This has been wonderful as we have been able to engage motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Thomas loves all of his toys, except for one… This police car toy has a siren that goes off when you squeeze the “hood”. When Thomas hears this siren he will cry. He could have been playing with this car for twenty minutes and if he hits the siren (or I do by mistake)… he cries. There are dozens of other toys that […]

Mar 162012
Guest Post: Things I Want My Sister to Know... Advice for Mom's-To-Be

That’s right, a guest post… my very first and it is courtesy of my wife. She sent this letter to her sister who was expecting a little girl. She wanted to share all of the knowledge and information she had gained during the first few months of staying home with Thomas after he was born. Hoping to pass this information on to her sister, she shared this with me months later so I could share this with all of you. Things I want my sister to know: Treasure every moment – even when she is screaming and you are at […]

Mar 152012
Its Been Raining for a Few Days... Not Sure What to do

I think Thomas is at this in-between stage where he isn’t crawling or walking yet, but playing up a storm with everything. This is great for me because he will occupy himself for an hour or so with his toys and I just encourage him to reach farther and get his legs under him. I lay behind him in case he falls back so he doesn’t smack his head on the floor. Did I mention that throwing himself backwards is one of his favorite new games? He does this a lot… make him giggle and he will squeal and throw […]

Mar 142012
Get to Know Me... I Answer A Q&A Created by Debut Dad

Thanks to Debut Dad, for mentioning me in a blogger Q&A and creative questionnaire. I am now to answer 11 questions, create 11 questions and tag 11 bloggers to answer those questions so watch out! The Rules: You must post the rules. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create eleven (11) new questions to ask the people you have tagged. Tag eleven people and link them to your post. Let them know you have tagged them. Well now that the rules are out of the way, here are the questions that Debut Dad created […]

Mar 132012
(Updated with video) How We Didn't Lose As Much Sleep When Thomas Was Younger... (AKA Peace of Mind/SIDS)

(Note, I am not being paid for this endorsement, that would be amazing though haha!) So SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is something that all parents probably freak out about until their kids are at least six months old. Even after that age you may be stuck in a routine of checking your monitor or going into your child’s room (if they are in their own room) to constantly make sure that they are still breathing. As expecting parents we did a lot of research and reading on what to expect, books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting […]

Mar 122012
I Thought the Time Change Would Be Harder on Thomas' Schedule

Spring Forward Yesterday I was a bit nervous that the time change would really mess with Thomas’ schedule. That the one hour difference would be really difficult for wake-up, feedings, nap times etc. Well the end of the day has come and gone and I am surprised to say that the time change went much smoother than I thought. In fact, the day went really smoothly. Thomas slept past 9am, ate a decent amount, went down for a nap two hours after waking up, and slept for almost 90 minutes. Thomas was even so tired again that he slept for […]

Mar 102012
Milestones Achieved in the Sixth Month!

Thomas’ sixth month of life has been amazing for milestones. The amount of motor skill improvement and cognitive development that he has gone through has been tremendous! I am posting this as a chronicle and so that one day I/we can look back at this and be amazed again to remember all of these things     Will shake his head side to side (as if saying no) Will move his head up and down (nodding yes) Can drink out of a cup/glass with assistance Will try to drink out of his toy stacking cups even though they have no […]

Mar 102012
My Son Doesn't Hug Me Anymore

There was a two week time period where every morning when we would wake up Thomas and take him out of his crib, he would put his arms around or necks (as best he could) and hug us. This was a pretty special time for both my wife and I. Thomas isn’t at the age where he can reciprocate affection in ways that we expect so when we got hugs each morning for a few weeks these were extra special! These mornings were so special that they were the bright spots of our day. Then one day they just stopped. […]

Mar 092012
Things I Asked Before Our Son Was Born. On Bibs, Teething & Drool.

I remember some of the questions that I asked friends and family during the pregnancy about what it was like having kids… Some were logistical, some were moral… Stuff! So Much Stuff! For some reason I was pretty occupied with the quantity of how many things we needed to buy during the pregnancy. We received many gifts from family and friends and I was amazed at how many of a single item we received. Surely we didn’t need 20+ bibs? 40+ 0-6 month onesies? Or the amount of socks we got… sooooo many socks! I would go into work and […]

Mar 082012
We Feel Pretty Alone in the World...

I usually post about Thomas and our day-to-day dealings, but this will be more about being a parent/adult, at least from my perspective… I have no friends… OK I have friends that I grew up with, went to school with and were even in my wedding. These are my best friends and they are truly my friends at any time I need them, but they don’t live around me. Throughout the years as life has happened, we have slowly moved away from where we grew up for one reason or another… job opportunities mainly, that have meant that we no […]


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