Aug 022012
Just Can't Wait to Wake Up

Well apparently Thomas can’t wait to wake up and see everyone in the morning anymore because this morning he toppled out of his crib! He was not injured, don’t be alarmed. I heard a few light cries and checked his video monitor to see an empty crib!! I went into his room and he was just sitting on the floor looking at me calmly. He crib has now been lowered to its lowest setting (we had previously lowered it to the lowest setting without flipping the mounting bars upside-down but this time it really will not go lower… Hopefully this […]

Feb 272012
It Is Nap Time.. Just Go To Sleep!

It Is Nap Time.. Just Go To Sleep! I type this after having gotten Thomas to go down for his morning nap (hopefully). It feels like his naps have been becoming more and more of a challenge lately and any deviation from our normal schedule mean that he won’t sleep for the full time (about an hour in the morning) like he used to just a few weeks ago. We had a good rhythm,  a schedule we followed pretty well and it was working. Lately though I have been on edge about nap-time. Thomas will show all of the signs […]


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