Mar 052012
We Went to the Zoo!

Yesterday we went to the Oakland Zoo, located off Golf Links road in Oakland, CA. This was our first type of outing like this as a family, by this I don’t mean that we hadn’t gone out or anything, but this was the first time that we had gone to a place full of families and kids. What a Shock! I was not prepared for the zoo. All of the families, all of the children, all of the people! So far most of our activities have been reserved to the park, hikes, or places that were not so populated or […]

Mar 012012
My Wife is the Reason Our Relationship is Successful and Our Son Happy

Today is the 4th anniversary of my wedding day with my wonderful wife. We got married on a gorgeous day in Colorado at a beautiful place, surrounded by friends and family that love us; truly one of the best days of my life. The reason for our success is a variety of things, probably many more things than I will mention here but my wife is the number one reason in my book. Of course we balance each other well, I’m a bit impulsive and she balances me there… I won’t list any more for fear of inserting my foot […]

Feb 292012
In Between Bottles and Solids... Are We Feeding Him Enough?

The In-Between Food Stage… So Thomas is at this stage where he is still supposed to be getting most of his nutrition from expressed milk but also increasing his food slowly so he is eating what we eat (by around 9 or 10 months of age). So we give Thomas a few tablespoons of a stage 2 fruit in the morning then about 4 oz of expressed milk. About three hours later he has anywhere from three to five TBSP of rice cereal/oatmeal and maybe a TBSP of a vegetable. Another three hours will pass and I give Thomas approximately […]

Feb 282012
What is the Fascination with Tags..on Toys, on Clothing, on Everything?!

Tags… Why do kids like them so much? This morning I put Thomas’ bib on backwards and it had an exposed tag on it… I began giving him his breakfast food, which was banana peach raspberry puree, a stage 2 food. He was eating fine until the dogs and kitty started playing and distracted him. Then he looked down at his bib and I couldn’t get him to eat another bite for five minutes… He was mesmerized by the tag, he kept trying to grab it with his fingers, but his dexterity isn’t that great yet to always grab such […]

Feb 272012
It Is Nap Time.. Just Go To Sleep!

It Is Nap Time.. Just Go To Sleep! I type this after having gotten Thomas to go down for his morning nap (hopefully). It feels like his naps have been becoming more and more of a challenge lately and any deviation from our normal schedule mean that he won’t sleep for the full time (about an hour in the morning) like he used to just a few weeks ago. We had a good rhythm,  a schedule we followed pretty well and it was working. Lately though I have been on edge about nap-time. Thomas will show all of the signs […]

Feb 222012
Dogs and Babies/Infants, Cats Too.. What this is Like for Us

Dogs and Babies/Infants So you have a baby, are trying to get pregnant, or are already expecting and want to know what it is like to have pets and small children in your home? Well I can tell you what this is like in our home. I’m sure there are many other situations that will be different and unlike mine, but I’ll share my experiences so far. In our house we have a six-month-old baby-boy and three dogs, plus a cat. We got the dogs early, I suppose they were the first challenge of our relationship, to test its strength. […]

Feb 032012
No Longer Anonymous...

I have been blogging anonymously for the past 10 days because I was worried about sharing too much information which unscrupulous others would use maliciously. Don’t get me wrong, I was not posting anonymously for ME, I was posting anonymously for my son’s safety. I don’t want his information used and abused, mine is already out there. Then I started looking around at ALL of the other parenting blogs… they have rich media full of vibrant pictures, engaging videos and through these aspects visitors have a much easier time creating a personal connection with the writer and have a greater […]

Feb 022012

Diapers! I chose to write about diapers today because earlier I was blessed with a lovely blow-out diaper while my son was sitting on my lap. This wasn’t the type of diaper that you hear fill up, or feel getting full. No, this diaper was made with no noise. This article is about disposable diapers vs. reusable/cloth diapers, the pro’s & cons of each to help you make an informed decision. I also include what my wife and I chose and why; along with an external link to an informative page on reusable/cloth diapers. There are pretty much two different […]


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