Mar 052012
We Went to the Zoo!

Yesterday we went to the Oakland Zoo, located off Golf Links road in Oakland, CA. This was our first type of outing like this as a family, by this I don’t mean that we hadn’t gone out or anything, but this was the first time that we had gone to a place full of families and kids. What a Shock! I was not prepared for the zoo. All of the families, all of the children, all of the people! So far most of our activities have been reserved to the park, hikes, or places that were not so populated or […]

Feb 232012
Carquinez Straight Regional Shoreline: Bull Staging & Eckley Pier

Last week Thomas and I went to the Carquinez Straight Regional Shoreline: Bull Staging & Eckley Pier. View Larger MapDriving Directions We had a great time checking out the pier, the park and grass, crossing the railroad tracks and snapping some photos. I was really surprised at how well kept this park was and how empty it was except for a handful of people fishing on the pier. With great views of the Carquinez bridge and the Carquinez Straight and also to the Benicia bridge, this little area has a lot to offer. The park/grass area has a few picnic […]

Feb 182012
Hidden Lakes Park, Martinez - An Outing

On Thursday, Thomas and I went to Hidden Lakes Park in Martinez. My wife and I had been there before to take walks with our dogs so we knew a little about the place, but things change when you have a child (everything changes). You begin to see places with a new perspective. For example, I took notice of the playgrounds this time. I paid attention to how much parking there was, the bathrooms, how busy it was… many ┬ámore things that would matter if we were to spend an afternoon there instead of just walking our dogs. Starting with […]

Feb 132012
A Day at the Park, Imagination Awaits

The Park What child doesn’t like the park? I’m sure there will come a point when Thomas doesn’t want to go to the park with Mom and Dad, but until that point we have been going once or twice a week lately, weather permitting. As we arrived there was a child being taught how to ride a bicycle and it was cute to hear her Mom provide words of encouragement and remind her daughter to “keep pedaling, the bike won’t move if you don’t keep pedaling!”. There were some other children playing in the jungle gym, yelling from one playground […]


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