Mar 052012
We Went to the Zoo!

Yesterday we went to the Oakland Zoo, located off Golf Links road in Oakland, CA. This was our first type of outing like this as a family, by this I don’t mean that we hadn’t gone out or anything, but this was the first time that we had gone to a place full of families and kids. What a Shock! I was not prepared for the zoo. All of the families, all of the children, all of the people! So far most of our activities have been reserved to the park, hikes, or places that were not so populated or […]

Feb 102012
Gramma and Pa's House, an Outting

As I mentioned on another post, yesterday we went to Gramma and Pa’s house for the day. This was Thomas’ first outting away from home in a while and it was my first long day-trip with him alone. My wife and I discussed briefly when I should leave to make sure Thomas is the most comfortable. The day started around 7:45am for Thomas and I quickly got dressed and ready to wake him up. Have I mentioned how happy he is in the morning? I’ll have to take a picture or video for everyone.. these interactions in the morning when […]

Feb 082012
8th Annual Go Red: Walk, Shop & Stroll

Getting out and being a part of your community is important, if you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend it! This past Friday, Thomas and I were able to participate in the John Muir Health 8th Annual Go Red: Walk, Shop & Stroll even in Walnut Creek, California. First off, I should share some information about the Go Red day that was held on February 3rd, 2012… This day is all about bringing more awareness to heart disease in women, which is the number ONE killer of women in the United States, larger than all cancers in women combined. The […]

Feb 042012
At the Martinez Waterfront

At the Martinez Waterfront On Thursday of this week Thomas and I went to the Martinez Waterfront. The day was beautiful – with slow drifting cirrus clouds, a cool, crisp air, and bright sun. This was my first trip to the waterfront even though I’ve lived in Martinez for the past six years. To get to the waterfront you have to drive through the downtown area full of antique shops and eateries, coffee shops, salons. You know you are near the Waterfront park when you near the train station, yes Martinez still has an active train station… you cross four […]

Jan 252012
Typical Day (5 1/2 Months)

A Typical Day So what is a typical day like for a stay-at-home Dad? First off I need to stipulate that my wife is still breastfeeding so she wakes up during the night to feed our son. I consider us lucky because at two months we transitioned our son to his crib and he took to it right away. These times are all approximate, so 5am-6am means between 5am and 6am. 8:30am to 9am means for that 30 minute span of time. 5am-6am: My son wakes up to eat then goes back to sleep. My wife handles this feeding then […]

Jan 242012

Today I went to my first “Mommy Group” I am putting that in quotes because obviously I am a Dad, so the group wasn’t only Mothers. This was a fun Music group of about 8 parents and their children, which ranged in age from a few months to about four years old. I arrived late, as I hadn’t checked the directions out ahead of time. The meetup was held in the clubhouse of an apartment complex, which was rather nice I might add. There was ample room for all of the parents and kids to sit in a big semi-circle […]

Jan 222012

Welcome to Being the Best Dad, a blog from a new stay-at-home Dad, me! Hi there! My name is Dave and yes I am new to this stay-at-home Dad thing, but being at home has already been one of the best things I have done with my life! I don’t proclaim to be the best Dad, but my hope is that by putting some critical thought into how I’ve interacted with my son and how I would share what I’ve learned, that I will be the best Dad that I can be. My goal is to fill this blog with […]


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