Mar 122012
I Thought the Time Change Would Be Harder on Thomas' Schedule

Spring Forward Yesterday I was a bit nervous that the time change would really mess with Thomas’ schedule. That the one hour difference would be really difficult for wake-up, feedings, nap times etc. Well the end of the day has come and gone and I am surprised to say that the time change went much smoother than I thought. In fact, the day went really smoothly. Thomas slept past 9am, ate a decent amount, went down for a nap two hours after waking up, and slept for almost 90 minutes. Thomas was even so tired again that he slept for […]

Feb 272012
It Is Nap Time.. Just Go To Sleep!

It Is Nap Time.. Just Go To Sleep! I type this after having gotten Thomas to go down for his morning nap (hopefully). It feels like his naps have been becoming more and more of a challenge lately and any deviation from our normal schedule mean that he won’t sleep for the full time (about an hour in the morning) like he used to just a few weeks ago. We had a good rhythm,  a schedule we followed pretty well and it was working. Lately though I have been on edge about nap-time. Thomas will show all of the signs […]

Jan 252012
Typical Day (5 1/2 Months)

A Typical Day So what is a typical day like for a stay-at-home Dad? First off I need to stipulate that my wife is still breastfeeding so she wakes up during the night to feed our son. I consider us lucky because at two months we transitioned our son to his crib and he took to it right away. These times are all approximate, so 5am-6am means between 5am and 6am. 8:30am to 9am means for that 30 minute span of time. 5am-6am: My son wakes up to eat then goes back to sleep. My wife handles this feeding then […]


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