Mar 102012
Milestones Achieved in the Sixth Month!

Thomas’ sixth month of life has been amazing for milestones. The amount of motor skill improvement and cognitive development that he has gone through has been tremendous! I am posting this as a chronicle and so that one day I/we can look back at this and be amazed again to remember all of these things     Will shake his head side to side (as if saying no) Will move his head up and down (nodding yes) Can drink out of a cup/glass with assistance Will try to drink out of his toy stacking cups even though they have no […]

Feb 202012
Thomas Found His "Voice" Today...

Thomas Found His “Voice” Today… I don’t mean that he started babbling, said Momma, Dadda, or anything coherent or that melted our hearts (although he does that every day…) This morning while feeding Thomas pureed pears he started screaming… SCREAMING! He wouldn’t scream for long periods of time, but he found his voice, yes he did. Apparently he now knows how to make high pitched sounds and he was using this new found talent after every spoonful of pears. He wasn’t screaming out of frustration, he wasn’t screaming in pain. Thomas was screaming in excitement and happiness, for Thomas loves […]


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