Mar 092012
Things I Asked Before Our Son Was Born. On Bibs, Teething & Drool.

I remember some of the questions that I asked friends and family during the pregnancy about what it was like having kids… Some were logistical, some were moral… Stuff! So Much Stuff! For some reason I was pretty occupied with the quantity of how many things we needed to buy during the pregnancy. We received many gifts from family and friends and I was amazed at how many of a single item we received. Surely we didn’t need 20+ bibs? 40+ 0-6 month onesies? Or the amount of socks we got… sooooo many socks! I would go into work and […]

Feb 292012
In Between Bottles and Solids... Are We Feeding Him Enough?

The In-Between Food Stage… So Thomas is at this stage where he is still supposed to be getting most of his nutrition from expressed milk but also increasing his food slowly so he is eating what we eat (by around 9 or 10 months of age). So we give Thomas a few tablespoons of a stage 2 fruit in the morning then about 4 oz of expressed milk. About three hours later he has anywhere from three to five TBSP of rice cereal/oatmeal and maybe a TBSP of a vegetable. Another three hours will pass and I give Thomas approximately […]

Feb 202012
Thomas Found His "Voice" Today...

Thomas Found His “Voice” Today… I don’t mean that he started babbling, said Momma, Dadda, or anything coherent or that melted our hearts (although he does that every day…) This morning while feeding Thomas pureed pears he started screaming… SCREAMING! He wouldn’t scream for long periods of time, but he found his voice, yes he did. Apparently he now knows how to make high pitched sounds and he was using this new found talent after every spoonful of pears. He wasn’t screaming out of frustration, he wasn’t screaming in pain. Thomas was screaming in excitement and happiness, for Thomas loves […]

Feb 012012
Fifth Month Milestones!!!

Fifth Month Milestones The fifth month has been amazing for our little-one’s milestones! The amount of interaction and understanding that our son now shows is unbelievable and brings much truth to the term “they grow up so fast”! In addition, he will be six months old in ten days time… how it flies! Bababababababa Your child may start with a different sound, but our son’s first somewhat coherent attempts at speech came during my morning wake-up ritual. I was ¬†getting ready a little bit earlier than he wakes up, which is around 8am (see his daily schedule). I had begun […]


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