Jan 272012
How to Get Pregnant... How We Prepared

How to Get Pregnant. How We Prepared: There are many things you’ll have to ask yourself and to prepare for before you will be ready to get pregnant, even if you can get pregnant at any time (I’m speaking as a couple here). As a dad-to-be, these are the things you can think about before you get pregnant or during pregnancy. Is the relationship strong? (The pregnancy and the child will provide a lot of stressful situations, you have to be solid here) Are your finances in order? (Yes people get by in many situations but do you want or need […]

Jan 262012
Coming Home From the Hospital

Coming Home From the Hospital… Something amazing and NERVE RACKING!!!! So you have had your baby and have been in the hospital for a couple days if you had a vaginal birth or perhaps a few extra days if you had a cesarean section. In the hospital you have had the support and knowledge of the nurses and the use of the nursery so you could hopefully get a little bit of sleep if possible. Any questions you had could be answered there, things were confined to your little recovery room and if you were so lucky your spouse or […]

Jan 252012
Typical Day (5 1/2 Months)

A Typical Day So what is a typical day like for a stay-at-home Dad? First off I need to stipulate that my wife is still breastfeeding so she wakes up during the night to feed our son. I consider us lucky because at two months we transitioned our son to his crib and he took to it right away. These times are all approximate, so 5am-6am means between 5am and 6am. 8:30am to 9am means for that 30 minute span of time. 5am-6am: My son wakes up to eat then goes back to sleep. My wife handles this feeding then […]

Jan 242012

Today I went to my first “Mommy Group” I am putting that in quotes because obviously I am a Dad, so the group wasn’t only Mothers. This was a fun Music group of about 8 parents and their children, which ranged in age from a few months to about four years old. I arrived late, as I hadn’t checked the directions out ahead of time. The meetup was held in the clubhouse of an apartment complex, which was rather nice I might add. There was ample room for all of the parents and kids to sit in a big semi-circle […]

Jan 222012

Welcome to Being the Best Dad, a blog from a new stay-at-home Dad, me! Hi there! My name is Dave and yes I am new to this stay-at-home Dad thing, but being at home has already been one of the best things I have done with my life! I don’t proclaim to be the best Dad, but my hope is that by putting some critical thought into how I’ve interacted with my son and how I would share what I’ve learned, that I will be the best Dad that I can be. My goal is to fill this blog with […]


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