Mar 092012
Things I Asked Before Our Son Was Born. On Bibs, Teething & Drool.

I remember some of the questions that I asked friends and family during the pregnancy about what it was like having kids… Some were logistical, some were moral… Stuff! So Much Stuff! For some reason I was pretty occupied with the quantity of how many things we needed to buy during the pregnancy. We received many gifts from family and friends and I was amazed at how many of a single item we received. Surely we didn’t need 20+ bibs? 40+ 0-6 month onesies? Or the amount of socks we got… sooooo many socks! I would go into work and […]

Feb 122012
Who Knew that Two Teeth Could Cause Such Unhappiness

Yesterday I posted about Thomas’ being six months old and all of the wonderful things that we have had the privilege to enjoy thus far, this has truly been a journey with Thomas and each day brings new adventures. After I had written the post about what fun we have been having I started to notice that Thomas wasn’t having the most fun on his half-year birthday. Thomas seemed a bit irritable, our routine at home didn’t seem to occupy his attention as it usually did. All Thomas wanted to do was to chew, drool, bite down hard on things […]

Feb 012012
Fifth Month Milestones!!!

Fifth Month Milestones The fifth month has been amazing for our little-one’s milestones! The amount of interaction and understanding that our son now shows is unbelievable and brings much truth to the term “they grow up so fast”! In addition, he will be six months old in ten days time… how it flies! Bababababababa Your child may start with a different sound, but our son’s first somewhat coherent attempts at speech came during my morning wake-up ritual. I was ¬†getting ready a little bit earlier than he wakes up, which is around 8am (see his daily schedule). I had begun […]


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