Mar 162012
Thomas Cries at One of His Toys

Since Thomas has been able to situp on his own he has been spending hours each day playing with his toys. This has been wonderful as we have been able to engage motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Thomas loves all of his toys, except for one… This police car toy has a siren that goes off when you squeeze the “hood”. When Thomas hears this siren he will cry. He could have been playing with this car for twenty minutes and if he hits the siren (or I do by mistake)… he cries. There are dozens of other toys that […]

Feb 282012
What is the Fascination with Tags..on Toys, on Clothing, on Everything?!

Tags… Why do kids like them so much? This morning I put Thomas’ bib on backwards and it had an exposed tag on it… I began giving him his breakfast food, which was banana peach raspberry puree, a stage 2 food. He was eating fine until the dogs and kitty started playing and distracted him. Then he looked down at his bib and I couldn’t get him to eat another bite for five minutes… He was mesmerized by the tag, he kept trying to grab it with his fingers, but his dexterity isn’t that great yet to always grab such […]


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