Mar 162012
Guest Post: Things I Want My Sister to Know... Advice for Mom's-To-Be

That’s right, a guest post… my very first and it is courtesy of my wife. She sent this letter to her sister who was expecting a little girl. She wanted to share all of the knowledge and information she had gained during the first few months of staying home with Thomas after he was born. Hoping to pass this information on to her sister, she shared this with me months later so I could share this with all of you. Things I want my sister to know: Treasure every moment – even when she is screaming and you are at […]

Feb 022012

Diapers! I chose to write about diapers today because earlier I was blessed with a lovely blow-out diaper while my son was sitting on my lap. This wasn’t the type of diaper that you hear fill up, or feel getting full. No, this diaper was made with no noise. This article is about disposable diapers vs. reusable/cloth diapers, the pro’s & cons of each to help you make an informed decision. I also include what my wife and I chose and why; along with an external link to an informative page on reusable/cloth diapers. There are pretty much two different […]


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